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For Immediate Release

Remember the Comfort Women

York, England. To commemorate International Comfort Women’s Day on 14 August 2023 Bookmark Publications will be donating its entire earnings for the month of August to the following charities: Comfort Women Action for Redress & Education (CARE), the Comfort Women Justice Coalition (CWJC), and The Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance.


Mark Atkinson, author of the recently released novel, MiJa said, “Time is running out for the world to recognize the sacrifices these women made, and I am delighted to contribute to their just cause. It would be a blot on humanity for the last of these women to pass without an apology being issued. How difficult can it be to bring peace of mind to these innocent victims of war?”

MiJa is set in South Korea and inspired by a true story. It is a tale of un-blossomed love, female sacrifice, and how a family’s hopes and dreams are crushed by the weight of historical events that still resonate in modern-day Korea.


Bookmark Publications Ltd is a boutique publisher that specialise in high-quality literature with an engaging story.


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