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Farm Animal

In Animal Farm George Orwell depicted the plight of humans using animal characters; Farm Animal is the opposite.


In the near future all farm animals have been wiped out due to antibiotic resistance and a new strain of sub-human is developed to fill the gap. A young veterinary doctor, Dr Emma Huxley-Wight, is starting her first day at The Genesis IVF Clinic. As part of her initiation into the profession she is sent to retire Korova #954 whose milk yield has fallen due to old age and mastitis. When she arrives to deliver the fatal injection Korova #954 suddenly recovers her ability to speak, and the scales fall from the vet’s eyes. She realises that she is living a lie and decides to investigate the Fermas (farms) and tell the world about the abuse.


Her employer the UK Health Security Agency, a government department decide to hunt her down and retire her. A cat and mouse pursuit ensues, culminating in a devastating climax.


If you imagine Brave New World meets The Day of the Jackal you will have a good idea of the novel’s premise. 

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